Construction ready for Ports new Maritime Centre

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26 June 2008 -

A new $6 million flagship facility for the Illawarra's maritime community is on the way, Wollongong MP Noreen Hay said today.

Locally based company Camarda & Cantrill have been awarded the tender for construction of Port Kembla's new Maritime Centre.

Construction is due to start in early August with the facility expected to be operational by late 2009.

The facility will be constructed adjacent to the port's eastern breakwater and will bring various marine related organisations together under one roof in a new, environmentally sustainable building.

As well as providing the headquarters for the Port Corporation, other tenants will include NSW Maritime, NSW Police, and AQIS.

The foresight to incorporate various port related agencies into a new state-of-the-art facility reflects a new era for the port,” Ms Hay said.

This shows we are looking seriously at future growth and development opportunities.?

Ports and Waterways Minister Joe Tripodi said 'the investment reaffirms the Iemma Government's commitment to the ports transformation and the significant role that it plays in the Illawarra region.'

'This Maritime Centre will become a landmark building reflecting the current development and innovation taking place at Port Kembla,'? Mr Tripodi said.

The state of the art facility is reflective of the growth happening as the port readies itself to be the state's leading car import facility.

Port Kembla Port Corporation CEO Dom Figliomeni said the new facility will have the flexibility to accommodate all Port Corporation staff and services within the one modern purpose built building.

The location will bring staff closer to the port with direct line of sight for port operations.?


* The facility will be one of the most energy efficient in Wollongong

* Design aims to conserve energy and recycle water - reducing energy use, energy costs and greenhouse emissions.

* Passive solar design (sunshadowing of windows and appropriate orientation);

* Use of energy efficient single and double glazing window systems;

* Energy efficient lighting with sensors and dimmer controls

* Eco cycle energy efficient air conditioning systems

* Wall and roof insulation;

* Solar powered hot water heaters.

* Rainwater harvesting of up to 100,000L

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