New Records set for NSW Ports

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2 December 2005 -

NSW Minister for Ports and Waterways, Eric Roozendaal, today welcomed annual operating results for Sydney Ports Corporation, Port Kembla Port Corporation and Newcastle Port Corporation.

'From my first day as Minister, one of my top priorities has been to keep our ports on a sound financial footing to deliver major projects for NSW, Mr Roozendaal said.

'Our State's ports handle more than $60 billion of trade each year. This is important for our economic future - thousands of direct and indirect jobs rely on our working ports.

'The state's three port corporations have all made impressive gains in trade throughput and have posted solid net operating profits before tax,' Mr Roozendaal said.

Highlights from this year's operating results include:

  • Sydney Ports Corporation
    • a consolidated pre-tax profit of $61.4 million, up 19 percent;
    • a 3.1 percent increase in cargo totalling 25.9 million mass tonnes; and
    • container trade increasing by 8.4 percent to 1,376,365 TEU's compared to last year;
    • announcement of $530 million Port Botany expansion;
  • Newcastle Port Corporation
    • Record total trade of 83.56 million tonnes valued around $7 billion;
    • New coal export records with 77.72 million tonnes - keeping it the world's largest coal export port; and
    • Increased revenue from port operations of $38.538 million;
  • Port Kembla Port Corporation
    • Highest level of trade in four years of 24.4 million tonnes; and
    • Increased net profit before tax of $17.4 million owing to enhanced coal exports.

The Port of Eden recorded a 24 per cent increase in trade during the year to a total of 952,985 mass tonnes. Vessel visits were also up reflecting the increased use of the port by the Royal Australian Navy as well as passenger cruise ship visits facilitated by the multi-purpose wharf.

The Port of Yamba, providing a key link to New Zealand, increased its general cargo exports by 18 per cent. There were 46 vessel visits during the year, five more than last year.

The ports of Eden and Yamba are managed by NSW Maritime.

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Press Release from the Minister for Ports and Waterways
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