New Ports Minister to Visit Port Kembla

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New Ports Minister Joe Tripodi will inspect Port Kembla inner harbour's $140 million expansion works tomorrow (Friday March 3) with Member for Wollongong Noreen Hay.

'The expansion of Port Kembla is a key element of the NSW Government's Ports Growth Plan,'? Mr Tripodi said.

'Historically Port Kembla has been a very important port for bulk cargo like coal, iron ore and grain, as well as steel products.

'Now we are broadening Port Kembla's trade base, and transforming it into Australia's principal port for the vehicle import trade.

'This will have a very positive impact on the Illawarra regional economy and employment growth.'

Under the Ports Growth Plan, vehicle importing and general and containerised cargo will be moved from Sydney Harbour to Port Kembla.

To cope with the growth, Port Kembla is being upgraded with new berths, vehicle handling facilities and container and general cargo-handling facilities.

When the project is complete in 2008 an additional 250 ships will visit Port Kembla each year, carrying 240,000 vehicles and 30,000 containers.

Mr Tripodi will inspect the $16 million expansion to the Multi-Purpose Berth, and the next stage of work.

His visit coincides with the close of tenders for construction of Multi-Purpose Berth 3, which is the first of two new berths to be constructed to accommodate the new trade.

Meantime, Australian Amalgamated Terminals Ltd?the partnership between P&0 and Patrick Stevedoring that will operate the new cargo-handling facilities in the Inner Harbour - is close to awarding its tender for construction of the land facilities, with work expected to start in April.

March 2, 2006

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