PKPC assists seafarers from across the globe

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26 June 2006 -

Port Kembla Port Corporation has today announced its continued support for visiting seafarers by presenting a cheque for $3000 to the Port Kembla Mission to Seafarers.

Port Kembla Port Corporation recognised the importance of the Mission as a valuable resource for the thousands of seafarers that visit the port.

On behalf of Port Kembla Port Corporation I am pleased to announce our continued support of this important charitable organisation. The port services hundreds of vessels each year and we welcome thousands of seafarers to our shores. Many of these seafarers will have spent months at sea and the Mission to Seafarers provides a safe and comfortable environment for them.

'As the port experiences significant growth over the next few years the demand on organisations such as the Mission to Seafarers will grow with an estimated 250 additional vessels set to visit Port Kembla annually', said Nicholas Whitlam, Chairman of Port Kembla Port Corporation.

The Mission to Seafarers operates in approximately 300 ports around the world and 23 ports in Australia. Located in the township of Port Kembla, the Port Kembla Mission to Seafarers provides facilities such as international telephones to allow seafarers to keep in contact with family back home, postal services, leisure facilities, local information and internet access for seafarers from countries all around the world The mission is operated by 25-30 volunteers who staff the facility seven nights per week.

Port Kembla Mission to Seafarers lay Chaplain David Masters is thrilled with the support of Port Kembla Port Corporation.

As a charitable organisation we rely on the generosity of companies such as the Port Kembla Port Corporation to enable us to offer the services to seafarers. The funds provided by Port Kembla Port Corporation will be used to improve and increase our facilities including renovations to the kitchen, convenience shop and men's toilets.

The Mission to Seafarers celebrates its 150th anniversary next month at the Port Kembla RSL Club. For further details on this function contact the Mission on (02) 4274 6498.

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