New look for Port Corporation unveiled

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3 July 2008 -

Port Kembla Port Corporation CEO Dom Figliomeni, unveiled a new look for the Corporation at their annual customer function held in Wollongong last night.

Having traded under the previous logo for almost 20 years, the organisation decided the time was right to launch this new symbol as the port comes to take on its significant new role as the state's leading car import facility.

'I am pleased to unveil a new look for the Corporation - a modern new symbol to take PKPC into the future'? said Mr Figliomeni.

With much of the work on the Inner Harbour development either complete or very close to completion – the Corporation decided there was a need to promote the new diversified port facilities and the trade opportunities that are available as a result of this development.

In order to facilitate this process a new corporate identity and corporate branding has been created to better reflect the exciting new direction the port is taking.

'future direction of the port will see it enter a new era of trade and logistics facilitation with an approach which considers the entire logistics network'? said Mr Figliomeni.

The new logo is a contemporary stylised symbol that takes the shape of a P?. It is a shift from its geographical descriptive predecessor and aims to be representative of the?port's many attributes.

The stylised symbol also reflects a sense of movement from one destination to another. The dots represent the many steps along the transportation chain, most of which the Port Kembla Port Corporation are now directly involved in.

Also significant is the fact that the symbol is rounded, to represent the global environment in which the port operates.

The colours used are cool colours of blue and green being representative of both land and ocean.

Mr Figliomeni said that the transition from the old logo to the new will take place over the coming months as the new designs are implemented port wide.

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