Port Kembla gets ready for more cars

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1 May 2008 -

New infrastructure under construction at Port Kembla will ease its transition towards becoming NSW’s vehicle importing hub, Ports and Waterways Minister Joe Tripodi said.

Contracts announced by Mr Tripodi today will increase the port's capacity to handle car carrying vessels and ensure efficient handling of vehicles coming into the port. They foreshadow the relocation of car import facilities from Sydney’s Glebe Island later this year.

Sydney-based Waterways Construction has been awarded a contract to extend the Port'ss 105 Berth by 80 metres. This will give Port Kembla three dedicated berths totalling 800 metres in length to accommodate up to three car carrying vessels simultaneously.

The extension reduces the risk of vessel queuing at Port Kembla as we beef up its capacity to handle car imports,” Mr Tripodi said.

A new bridge to cross the coal and grain rail tracks, contracted to the Georgio Group, will allow continuous operations of coal and grain trains at the Port to remain unaffected by vehicle stevedoring. The bridge will make a further 10 hectares of land available for motor vehicle processing.

This means about 30-40 per cent of cars coming to the Port will be processed on site,? Mr Tripodi said. Car importers will be able to send cars directly from the port to their final point of sale rather than having to first send them to a separate processing facility.

A third contract for the construction of a security gate, controlling access to all inner harbour terminals and facilities, has been awarded to Wollongong firm Ledacon.

'This project will further secure the ports major checkpoint and increase safety to port users,'? Mr Tripodi said.

'Together, these three projects see Port Kembla stepping up to the challenge of being NSW's major vehicle importing port,'? Wollongong MP Noreen Hay said.

The bulk of car imports are due to relocate from Glebe Island in November.

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