Barangaroo material update

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6 September 2012

Barangaroo Material Update - Airborne Fibre Monitoring Results Clear 22 August - 6 September

Airborne fibre monitoring is continuing at the Outer Harbour stockpile site where excavated material from Barangaroo South was recently received. Monitoring commenced in response to the discovery of small fragments of bonded fibro cement material containing asbestos within the fill.

The monitoring has been undertaken continuously at 8 locations with samples collected twice daily for analysis by a NATA accredited laboratory. PKPC is pleased to report that all results received over 2 weeks of monitoring (22 Aug - 6 Sept) were less than the 0.01 f/mL detection limit. This indicates compliance with WorkCover action levels and Safe Work Australia exposure standards. The results confirm that there is no evidence of any risk to workers or the community associated with the fill stockpile.

PKPC is regularly watering the stockpile to prevent dust and airborne fibre monitoring shall be continued until further notice. There shall be no further deliveries of material to the stockpile until approved by the EPA.

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