Biodiesel Facility

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On Thursday the 19th April 2012, NSW Premier the Hon. Barry OFarrell was the guest of honour at a "ground breaking" ceremony to celebrate the beginning of geotechnical work of a soybean processing and biodiesel facility at Port Kembla.

National Biodiesel Pty Ltd, a privately owned Australian company, will establish the Biodiesel production facility which will take up the last of the remaining unused land in the Inner Harbour.

The facility will be the first integrated soybean processing and biodiesel production facility to be constructed in Australia. It will process imported soybeans to produce biodiesel, soybean meal and pharmaceutical grade glycerine (by product).

As well as providing significant employment opportunities - the facility will generate demand for locally produced oilseeds which will contribute to rural economic growth in the domestic market.

The facility will process 1.1 milion tonnes of soybeans in the first year of operation growing to 1.36 million metric tonnes after five years. The plant is estimated to produce 288 million litres of biodiesel, along with 850,000 tonnes of soy bean meal annually.

Mr Farrell was joined at the ceremony by over a hundred guests and industry leaders including Ed Dutton (Chairman of National Biofuels group) and representatives from PKPC.

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