Recording of our Heritage

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Number 3 Jetty

The Port Kembla Port Corporation recently engaged local firm Borst & Conacher Architects to record the history of No. 3 Jetty.

Located in the port's Outer Harbour, it is one of the oldest reaming timber jetties in the port. Constructed between 1937 and 1940, it operated until 1983 as a general cargo jetty but since 1983 has been used primarily for the berthing of tugs.

An archival record was prepared consisting of historical plans, photos and details regarding the construction and use of the jetty. As part of this process, the oral history of the jetty was recorded and members of the community were invited to contribute their memories.

The archival recording was made as a precursor to the demolition of the jetty which is expected to occur during 2013. The old jetty has serviced the port well but is now in poor condition the decision was made by the PKPC Board to replace the facility rather than spend the significant amount necessary to repair the old structure.

The new facility takes in to account future port growth plans and will be located so as to provide all weather protection for the tugs.

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