Outer Harbour Update

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Outer Harbour development October 2012

The Outer Harbour development work is steaming ahead. The Cleary Bros reclamation portion of the project is nearing completion, ahead of time and on budget.

Rock deliveries from the GPT West Keira extension of Wollongong Central have been progressing well with approximately one third of material already received in Port Kembla.

The rock material is classified as VENM (virgin excavated natural material) and will be also used in future reclamation and berth development works in the Outer Harbour.

The first shipload of excavated material from the Barangaroo South project arrived in Port Kembla on Thursday 16th August aboard the CSL Pacific.

Further receipt of material from Barangaroo South has been suspended after fragments of bonded asbestos were identified at Port Kembla and reported by PKPC.

Port Kembla Port Corporation is continuing to manage the fill material received in accordance with its environmental management plan and Environment Protection Authority requirements.

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