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CEO Corner image Feb 2009

Happy New Year

On behalf of the Port Kembla Port Corporation I would like to wish all a happy, safe and prosperous 2009.

Grain shipment

On the 24th December 2008?the first (export) shipment of grain left Port Kembla the first in almost two years.

With the last shipment occurring in December 2006, due to Australia's drought conditions, there were no grain exports in the last financial year and only 80,000 tonnes of imports were handled at the Port Kembla facility.

Recent Arrivals

PKPC has welcomed a new Marine Pilot to their ranks with Captain David Balderston joining the organisation earlier this year.

David is a very experienced Pilot, who has held his Master Mariners certificate for over 28 years. He joined PKPC directly from the UK, where he was employed by the Harwich Harbour Board as an Unrestricted Marine Pilot since 1995. Prior to that, David served as a Chief Pilot and Deputy Harbour Master with the Port of Otago (Dunedin) in NZ from 1981 to 1994.

David has commenced his training programme with PKPC and when completed, he will join the roster as an Unrestricted Pilot.

Also joining the Corporation recently is Leanne Taylor taking the position of General Manager Corporate services.

Leanne has been employed in various roles including Warrigal Care, Lands and Southern Council Group. Qualifications include a BA and MEd.

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