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Rail in Inner Harbour

Whilst in Wollongong to celebrate the official relocation of NSW's motor vehicle trade, Ports and Waterways Minister Joe Tripodi and Wollongong MP Noreen Hay announced an agreement to move cars by rail may soon be finalised.

"We have been working hard on a solution for the transport of cars by rail out of Port Kembla to Sydney," Mr Tripodi said.

It was announced that Patrick Autocare and Sydney Ports Corporation had signed a ‘letter of intent and are moving forward with an agreement to transport more cars by rail.

While it is still early days, Ms Hay said progress on railing cars from Port Kembla will keep truck movements under control.

"We know truck movements account for only 1 per cent of total traffic on Mt Ousley and the Southern Highways. The current road network has more than enough capacity to handle the transport of cars," Ms Hay said.

The agreement will allow Patrick Autocare to set up an open-access facility at the Enfield Intermodal Centre for unloading cars carried by rail.

This facility will be available to any company seeking to move cars by rail from Port Kembla.

Mr Tripodi said the agreement is subject to an impact assessment and amendment of the current planning approval at Enfield to allow the handling of cars. "If successful, the facility would provide capacity to move up to one third of all cars imported through Port Kembla by rail, removing trucks from Wollongong and Sydney roads," Mr Tripodi said.

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