Start of a new era for Port Kembla

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Car transfer event photo

Monday 24th November heralded another important milestone in the history of Port Kembla harbour?with a ceremony marking the official relocation of NSW's motor vehicle trade to Port Kembla.

An assembly of guests gathered inside AAT's Port Kembla terminal as NSW Minister for Ports and Waterways Joe Tripodi unveiled a plaque to commemorate the occasion.

The complete transfer of cars to Port Kembla makes the port the largest vehicle-importing hub in Australia.

Mr Tripodi said "The relocation of vehicle, general and containerised trade from Sydney has seen Port Kembla's Inner Harbour undergo a dramatic transformation over the past three years."

"More than $170 million has been spent on the port upgrade which includes new berths, a bridge over rail, road and rail realignment and new cargo-handling facilities."

The completion of the project is very significant for the Port Corporation us it undertook various challenges to transform Port Kembla into a modern general purpose cargo handling facility - to accommodate car imports and meet the demands for logistics, capacity and efficiency. These challenges included building the new infrastructure on time and on budget.

"This development creates significant opportunities, not only for the Port Kembla Port Corporation but also for the region and the state of NSW," said Mr Tripodi.

Approximately 270,000 new vehicles are expected to be imported through the port in 2008-09, rising to 295,000 by 2011-12. An additional 400 vessels will visit annually and take the port total to close to 1000 per year. Most general cargo for NSW will be handled over this facility.

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