Outer Harbour development gets the go ahead

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Approval has been received for the expansion of Port Kembla's Outer Harbour. The approval covers both the Concept Plan, which will provide the basis for decision making and staging of port development in the medium to long term and a Major Project Approval for the first stage of the development.

The first stage of the development includes land reclamation for the entire 42 hectare site plus construction of two berths (a bulk berth and a container berth).

During April a contract was awarded to local contractor Cleary Bros (Bombo) Pty Ltd to commence reclamation works in the Outer Harbour.

The reclamation will require approximately 1.3 million tonnes of fill materials and rock armour and it will create approximately 7 hectares of usable land.

Port Kembla Port Corporation (PKPC) has in place commercial arrangements to utilise suitable industrial fill materials for land reclamation. Local company Australian Steel Mill Services (ASMS) will supply of 1 million tonnes of uncrushed blast furnace slag which will form the large majority of the fill materials required for this project.

The work will be undertaken in two sections, with the first section expected to be completed by the end of 2011 so that it can be delivered to Cement Australia for construction of their state of the art grinding facility. The second part of this reclamation is anticipated to be completed in mid 2012.

At the peak of construction, in excess of 50 local people will be engaged on the project.

All work undertaken will comply with the conditions set out in the Department of Planning Development Approval.

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