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CEO Corner image Feb 2009

The early months of 2010 have seen PKPC undertake a series of Strategic Planning workshops designed to identify, clarify and set out priorities, strategies and intended achievements for the coming years, while the port is going through a stage of major growth and development.

As a result of a change in legislation (to the Ports and Maritime Administration Act) made in 2008, the port has a responsibility to focus on the productivity and efficiency of the port related supply chain. As part of our planning workshops, PKPC has undergone a review of its corporate goals to ensure that the statutory objectives and functions of the Corporation are aligned accordingly.

Inherent in the work being done is the clear understanding of the importance placed on PKPC's role in facilitating trade. Along with the provision of infrastructure, the Corporation's focus is also to look at the logistics network as a whole to take on the role as facilitator to enable new business opportunities to prosper.

PKPC recognises that understanding the needs and expectation of our customers is imperative. Much information has been gathered from activities including a Customer Satisfaction Survey and a Port User Industry Forum. The results of these activities were all fed into the workshops to help in setting the strategies for the future direction of the port.

The implementation of a BPI (Beneficiary Performance Indicator) has seen emphasis on berth utilisation and the management of vessel queuing within the port which is information vital to port users and the Corporation as it shows the ports capability to service their needs efficiently.

The challenges facing PKPC, as we look to the future, are to ensure that the developments we undertake are environmentally and economically sustainable; the timing coincides with the needs of our customers; our carbon footprint is minimised and the needs of the community are foremost in our mind.

It is with pleasure that I welcome a new addition to the Port Kembla Port Corporation Board. NSW Ports and Waterways Minister Paul McLeay recently announced Ms Janine Cullen has been appointed to the board of PKPC. Ms Cullen takes on the role as a non executive director commencing on the 1st April 2010 for a period of three years.

I look forward to working with Janine and the board as we continue to develop and align our port strategies for the economic benefit of the region and the state.

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