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CEO Corner image Feb 2009

While attending PKPC's recent Customer Function, NSW Minister for Ports Duncan Gay took the opportunity to announce another year of record numbers for PK.

The 2010/2011 financial year has seen the port again break records for both trade and vessel visits to the port. Total trade of 33.6 million revenue tonnes, saw an increase of 8% on the 31 .1 million achieved in 2009/2010.

This was highlighted by total exports of 19.8 million tonnes, up by 1.6 million tonnes on the volume in the previous year. Featuring in this was Coal & Coke exports of 14.3 million tonnes (up by 0.3 million tonnes on 2009/2010), Grain exports of 1.6 million tonnes (up by 0.9 million tonnes on 2009/2010), and Steel Finished Product exports of 3.3 million tonnes.

Total Imports of 13.8 million tonnes (up by 0.9 million tonnes) including Steel Raw Material imports of 8.7 million tonnes (up by 0.8 million tonnes on 2009/2010).

A slight decrease was recorded in the "motor vehicles and other machinery" category with figures showing 3.8 million revenue tonnes passed through the port (down 0.1 million tonnes) on the 3.9 million tonnes in the last year.

Vessel visits was again at an all time high for the port with 1014 vessel visits in the 2010/2011 year, slightly up on the 1001 for the 2009/2010 year.

Also announced during the function were the results of the recent Customer Survey undertaken by PKPC.

Overall satisfaction score of 3.73 out of 5 (up slightly on the 3.61 score achieved in 2008).

90% of respondents believed the service provided by PKPC met or exceeded their expectations, while 9% said their expectations were not met.

Suggestions for improvement in meeting the needs of port users: Communications, Pilotage, Berth/ Facility Availability.

Moving forward, it is intended that these matters will be discussed in further details with Port Users at an upcoming Port Users Forum" to be held toward the end of the year.

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