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Noel Cornish, Dom Figliomeni and Les Dion

Wednesday 21st July saw the Port Kembla Port Corporation hold its annual Customer Function for 2010. Approximately 100 guests joined PKPC staff and directors at the City Beach Function Centre to reflect on the achievements of the previous year.

During the function, PKPC took the opportunity to release a progress report oulining steps taken in addressing issues raised at the "Port Kembla Industry Forum" that was held in March 2009.

Port Kembla Port Corporation CEO Dom Figliomeni said that "The report outlines the steps taken by PKPC toward addressing the significant matters raised at the forum".

Mr Figliomeni said that identification of the key messages allows PKPC to provide annual feedback on progress made on those matters which are under the ports control.

The forum brought together port users and key stakeholders along with members of the community to look at ways in which the Corporation can work in collaboration and cooperation with customers, stakeholders and the community for the future growth and development of the port.

Key issues identified as areas of relevance for the future growth and development of the port included;

Issues raised relating to road transport included ensuring sufficient capacity for current and future trade.

Issues raised regarding rail transport centred around ensuring sufficient capacity and rail infrastructure.

Port Infrastructure & Outer Harbour Development
The provision of common user facilities was raised, as was the matter of forward infrastructure planning.

Comparative pricing and flexibility in pricing were the major issues raised during the forum.

Stakeholder Interaction, and maintaining communications with the community were the two main issues raised in relation to communications.

Port Operations
Vessel Priorities and pilotage were two of the major issues raised at the forum.

Land Availability
The major issue raised in relation to land was land usage and future land availability.

Logistics/Supply Chain
The issue of Supply Chain Management was raised as a matter of interest at the forum.

Mr Figliomeni said that much information has been gathered from activities such as the Industry Forum and the customer satisfaction surveys.

"PKPC recently undertook a series of Strategic Planning workshops designed to identify, clarify and set out priorities, strategies and intended achievements for the coming years.

"The results of these activities were all fed into the workshops to help in setting the strategies for the future direction of the port".

Inherent in the work being done is the clear understanding of the importance placed on PKPC's role in facilitating trade. Along with the provision of infrastructure, the Corporation's focus is also to look at the logistics network as a whole - to take on the role as facilitator to enable new business opportunities to prosper.

Copies of the report, addressing all these matters are available from PKPC.

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