Maiden Voyages

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Maiden voyage vessel

With the major expansion of services and facilities in the last 12 months, Port Kembla has seen a number of vessels visit the port for the first time.

The completion of the major project to transform the port's Inner Harbour has resulted in a diversification of the ports trade base, to include motor vehicle imports and general cargo.

Just some of the vessels to make their Maiden Voyage in the recent months include:

  • MV Tijuca arrived on Sunday the 3rd May to deliver a shipment of vehicles.
  • MV Toreador visited on Friday the 19th June with a shipment of vehicles.
  • MV Torino visited on Wednesday the 8th July also delivering vehicles.
  • MV Sea of Harvest arrived on Thursday the 16th July to load coal.
  • MV Silverstone Express visited on Saturday the 18th July to unload vehicles.
  • MV Positive Passion arrived on Friday the 14th of August with a shipment of vehicles.
  • MV Diamantgracht visited on Friday the 14th August to load copper concentrates.
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