Environmental Update

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Ballast Recycling

Recycling at its best

Ballast from the Inner and Outer Harbour rail network is routinely replaced as part of essential track maintenance work, however our Engineers have come up with a process to reduce waste by recycling this ballast material.

The ballast spoil is removed and tested before being graded by power screening.

The screened ballast material that is identitied to be of a suitable size and grade is then re-used in the Inner and Outer Harbour rail lines.

Undersized material is then further screened and used for drainage, capping and walkways within the ports rail network.

This processing and re-use of ballast saves approximately 5000 tonnes of material being dumped into land fill, as well as significant cost savings.

Water Testing

Baseline water quality monitoring is being carried out around the port to ensure that aquatic life is unaffected by construction of the recently announced all weather Tug Facility in the Outer Harbour.

Water testing is conducted at various depths in four sites around the harbour including three in the Outer Harbour and one in the Inner Harbour.

During dredging works the water will be tested hourly. PKPC is utilising cutter-suction dredging methods and silt curtains to contain dredged materials and protect water quality during the works.

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