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Southern Stars segment sponsored by PKPC

During the last year, PKPC has continued with our program of community partnerships and initiatives supporting a range of organisations including environmental, cultural and sporting groups.

Some of the activities supported recently include:

Southern Stars

PKPC were once again proud to be segment sponsors for the 2010 Southern Stars spectacular. With the show celebrating its 10th Anniversary performance, PKPC were sponsors of Segment 12, titled "Gen I, This Is Who We Are".

Southside Festival

PKPC supported the annual Southside Festival which took place at Coomaditchie Lagoon in September. With this year’s festival revolving around the theme of Home the event featured a performance titled "How the Black Swans Got Their Feathers" and a special guest appearance by singer Christine Anu.

Port Kembla Port Corporation has once again supported an initiative to beautify King George V Oval at Port Kembla.

An event involving hundreds of students from Port Kembla Primary school, residents from a local retirement village, Green Corps and Bush Care volunteers was held recently to celebrate the achievement.

PKPC funded the engagement of local artist Michael Keighery who designed terrazzo concrete milestones which tell the stories of two kings: King Mickey of the local Indigenous people and King George V.

The milestones also incorporate images of local history and culture including the Southside Festival, surf lifesaving and the role of the port in the community.

Local volunteers assisted students from Port Kembla primary school in planting native trees and shrubs to provide shade and improve the amenity of the area.

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