Tug Facility Underway

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Work has recently commenced on the new permanent location for the ports tug fleet. McConnell Dowell Constructions (AUST Pty Ltd) have taken on the task to design and construct the new tug fleet base worth about $15 million.

The facility will initially allow for the permanent berthing of four tugs with provision for a further two in the future.

The facility will include the construction of a new breakwater of approximately 250m in length, reclamation of approximately 3000 square metres and dredging of approximately 28 000 cubic metres of sandy clay which will be relocated to form part of the fill material for the second stage of the Outer Harbour development.

McConnell Dowell has now completed their site establishment and a cutter suction dredger that was used on the Port Botany project was towed to Port Kembla along with 1.2km of floating pipeline. The dredger is now on station and dredging commenced on Monday 13 December.

Work has also commenced on the reclamation area that will become the new tug base administration amenities and workshop area.

The new tug fleet base located on the northern side of the Port Kembla Gateway facility placing it on the north western edge of the Outer Harbour development.

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