Outer Harbour Update

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Outer Harbour Construction

Work on the Outer Harbour reclamation is progressing according to schedule.

Approximately 30% of the slag, seawall rock armour and other fill material to be used on the project has been delivered to the site.

Materials are being placed into position both by end tipping from trucks as well as placement by barges. Some of the largest earthmoving plant and equipment in the local area are now working on this project.

In September, Cement Australia gained approval from the Planning Assessment Commission (PAC), acting as delegate for the Minister for Planning and Infrastructure, for the construction and operation of a Grinding Mill in Port Kembla's Outer Harbour.

The completion of this reclamation is programmed for the third quater of 2012 but an early hand over of the first section is due to occur in February to allow Cement Australia to commence construction of their facility.

The Cement Australia facility will occupy some existing land plus part of the reclaimed land.

The work currently being undertaken is just one component of Stage 1 of the Outer Harbour development.

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