Tug Facility Nearing Completion

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Work is nearing completion on the ports new all weather tug facility. Construction of the tug harbour breakwater is complete. Over 220 large reinforced concrete precast units have been placed as breakwater capping and wave deflection walling. The facility is being constructed with a 50 year design life and so will be able to cater for Greenhouse sea level rises.

Two large steel pontoons have been installed in the harbour to cater for up to 4 tugs. In the future a third pontoon to cater for an additional 2 tugs will be installed. These large steel pontoons are up to 80 tonnes in weight and are 30m long with the widest being over 7m wide.

Installation of services including power and water supply, storm water drainage catchment tanks and asphalt paving is being finalised.

Navigation markers to define the approach channel of the new facility have been installed.

The new facility provides the opportunity for bunkering of the tugs as well as forklift access for delivery of goods and equipment.

The use of floating pontoons in the design of the facility (as opposed to a more rigid structure) provides safe and secure access and egress to the tugs.

Towage operators Svitzer are now considering their options regarding the construction of offices and amenities at the site.

The new tug fleet base is located on the northern side of the Port Kembla Gateway facility placing it on the north western edge of the Outer Harbour development.

It is expected to be complete in the coming months.

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