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Grain Terminal

Australian Amalgamated Terminals recently opened a facility in Port Kembla and will be processing motor vehicles, containerised and breakbulk products.

BlueScope Steel operates berths adjacent to its steel making plant for importing bulk raw materials such as iron ore and exporting steel slabs and other steel products.

The Port Kembla Coal Terminal in the Inner Harbour exports around 10 to 11 million tonnes of coal and coke per annum (with capacity up to 15 million tonnes). The terminal is privately managed by Port Kembla Coal Terminal Limited under lease to Port Kembla Port Corporation.

The Port Kembla Gateway is a privately leased berth located in the Outer Harbour. The Gateway deal with?bulk and break bulk cargo including copper concentrate, fertiliser, clinker, pulp/saw logs and steel products.

The Port Kembla Grain Terminal also located within the Inner Harbour exports a variety of grains from south and south-western NSW. Volume is dependant on seasonal conditions. The Grain Terminal is managed by Grain Corp with the land owned by Port Kembla Port Corporation under lease to Grain Corp. The wharf structure is owned by the Port Corporation and is available to other users on a needs basis.


Australian Amalgamated Terminals ph: 02 4221 0900 web:

BlueScope Steel ph: 1800 800 789 web:

Port Kembla Coal Terminal ph: 02 4228 0288 web:

Port Kembla Gateway ph: (61 2) 42763566 web:

Port Kembla Grain Terminal ph: (61 2) 42246444 web:

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