Navigation Services and Administration

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Quality Document
Port Safety Operating Licence

PKPC manages core port marine safety activities under the auspices of the Port Safety Operating Licence, issued by the NSW Minister for Ports. A summary of the PSOL requirements is detailed below.

Quality Management System

Port Kembla Port Corporation has an ISO 9001:2008 accredited quality management system (QMS) covering critical marine safety operations. Critical administration activities and emergency response activities are also included in the Port Kembla Port Corporation QMS, as a requirement of the Port Safety Operating License issued by the NSW Minister for Ports.

Navigation Aids

Navigation aids, including leading lights, buoys, METOCEAN, Dynamic Under Keel Clearance and AIS systems are maintained by Port Kembla Port Corporation.

Channel and Berth Box Depths

Port Kembla Port Corporation conducts annual hydrographic surveys, in accordance with Australian and International Hydrographic Standards.

Dangerous Goods

- Approval of dangerous goods entering the port
- Auditing of dangerous goods processes within the port
- Approving training levels of personnel working with the transportation of Dangerous Goods within the port.

Emergency Response

- Maintenance of equipment should a pollution incident occur
- Training of personnel to ensure readiness in the event of an incident
- Exercising of equipment deployment and use to raise familiarity with equipment on hand.

Pilotage Licensing

- Overseeing the training of in-house pilots for the port of Port Kembla.
- Overseeing the certifying of individuals with Certificates of Local Knowledge to ensure high level of competency in the tug and lines boat service providers
- Providing pilot cutter crews and equipment to fulfil the pilotage roles safely and efficiently.

Port Communication

- PKPC provides equipment to communicate with ships entering or departing the port of Port Kembla
- PKPC provides maintenance and operation of Automatic identification equipment
- PKPC provides a vessel traffic information service to port users

Marine Administration

Marine administration provides support for all navigation, pilotage, security and quality management systems.

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