Port Emergency Services

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Oil Spill Equip
Port Kembla Port Corporation's pro-active crisis management strategy consists of four key elements:
  1. Port Kembla Port Corporation emergency/disaster response plan.
  2. Port Kembla Port Corporation protocols for response to security incidents.
  3. Port Kembla Port Corporation overall security preparedness and controlled access to information arrangements.
  4. Port Kembla Port Corporation Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) and Port Kembla Port Corporation Business Continuity Management Plan (BCMP).

PORT KEMBLA emergency response arrangements

The Port Kembla Port Corporation Port Kembla emergency/disaster response plan, depicts the overall response structure which is in accordance with international Incident Control System (ICS) protocols.

Marine oil and chemical spill response arrangements

Port Kembla Port Corporation must, as part of its PSOL and as a combat agency, hold an oil spill plan particular to Port Kembla Harbour.

The Port Kembla Marine Oil and Chemical Spill Contingency Plan is a sub plan of the Illawarra Local Emergency plan.

The plan details arrangements for preparation, planning, response and recovery from oil and chemical spills within Port Kembla harbour.

In addition to arrangements for the harbour, Port Kembla Port Corporation will investigate and respond to oil and chemical spill incidents between Garrie Beach in the Royal National Park to 7 Mile Beach (Wollongong, Shellharbour and Kiama Local government areas) as part of the NSW State Waters Marine Oil and Chemical Spill Contingency Plan.

Security preparedness and controlled access to information arrangements

Security incidents are covered in the port of Port Kembla Port Security Plan which is administered by NSW Ports. PKPC retains on water maritime security responsibilities under the authority of the Harbour Master.

Disaster recovery and Business Continuity Management planning arrangements

This plan primarily involves initial response personnel from Port Kembla Port Corporation and utilises the interface of external rostered personnel, (24/7) maintenance services and Government agencies and utilities.

The Port Kembla Port Corporation Business Continuity Management Plan responds to disruption to the organisation's services from:
  • Sustained closure of the port to shipping
  • Total Power Loss
  • Major IT disruption
  • Loss of key immediate response personnel
  • Loss of human resources and associated branch functionality
  • Destruction of Port Kembla Port Corporation occupied buildings.
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